Proskenion is an NGO founded to stimulate the arts and cultural engagement in Greece by providing opportunities for artist and creating a culturally rich year-round program that gives access to the arts to locals and tourists. We are motivated by the current Greek crisis, to which we all have a responsibility to support culture and access to the arts.

We want to create and challenge ideas by giving a voice to artists and an experience to others. Art is a form of individual expression that fosters human engagement to stimulate free thinking. Art has the power to positively change the world one perception at a time.

We have three
Primary objectives:

Create opportunities for artists in Greece but also Europe, while facilitating artistic exchange between countries and international institutions.

Drive cultural and intellectual tourism to the region, injecting the area with much needed trade from international visitors, directly stimulating the economy with reoccurring quality tourism.

Counter the natural effect of de-culturing which occurs in society in times of crisis. We will target young and old, giving them more exposure to culture and the arts in order to enrich their lives and views, through this driving education and social cohesion.

Originally from Kalamata, we are a family of
proud Greeks who have lived internationally
for most our lives, always longing to someday return
home, to our patrida.

Over the years we have been motivated to help develop our
beloved part of the world and in recent years to counter the
effects of the crisis.

Like many Greeks but also non-Greek philellines (friends of
Greece), we want to do whatever we can to help the current
situation. For this we believe the inherent value of culture is
life-enhancing and entertaining while positively impacting society.

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